TB Vaccine Pipeline

TB Vaccines Pipeline

  • Viral Vector
  • Protein/Adjuvant
  • Mycobacterial – Killed Whole Cell or Extract
  • Mycobacterial – Live Attenuated

Revised 7 October 2019


Phase 1

Anhui Zhifei Longcom


McMaster, CanSino

ChAdOx1 85A/MVA85A (ID/IM/Aerosol)

Univ of Oxford

Phase 2a

Archivel Farma, S.L


Biofabri, TBVI, Zaragosa


IDRI, Wellcome Trust, Quratis



Phase 2b

Dartmouth, GHIT





BCG Revaccination

Gates Medical Research Institute (GMRI)

Phase 3

Anhui Zhifei Longcom


SII, Max Planck, VPM, TBVI
(Phase 2/3)


ICMR, Cadila Pharmaceuticals

TB Vaccine Candidate Submission Form

The WGNV is compiling information on TB vaccine candidates in development, from discovery and proof-of-concept in animal models through to Phase 3 clinical trials. As information is compiled, a more comprehensive and inclusive pipeline will be developed and will be made available for public use. To submit a vaccine candidate for inclusion in this pipeline or to provide an updated status on a candidate already included in the pipeline, please complete and submit the form below. By submitting information through this platform, you agree to have the information shared for public viewing and use. Please do not submit confidential information or information that is not yet available for the public.

This form must be submitted by a representative of the lead vaccine development institution.
Instructions for candidates in clinical trials: If a vaccine candidate is in clinical trials for more than one target indication (see indications below), please submit a separate form for each indication. Multiple trials and populations for the same target indication should be included on the same form. Please note that for the candidate to be designated as in the phase(s) you indicate above, the clinical trial must have sufficient funding committed to complete the trial, the protocol must have received regulatory authority and ethics committee approval, and the trial must be registered in a recognized national or international clinical trial database.

For candidates in preclinical or earlier stages of development

If the candidate is in preclinical or earlier stages of development, please move to the bottom of this form and upload relevant articles. If you have additional information you would like to add about the candidate, you may do so in the area indicated at the bottom of the form.

For candidates in clinical development

If the vaccine candidate is in clinical development, please provide the additional information requested below.
Clinical trials registry information
Provide the registry and registry number corresponding to the clinical trial(s) in the clinical phase(s) provided above (if more than 3, please add additional registry information in the notes section at the bottom of this form)
If the vaccine candidate is being tested for more than one target indication, please submit a separate form for each indication.
Please indicate all populations in which the candidate is being tested for the indication referenced above.

Additional information and publications

If you would like to provide any additional information about the candidate, you may enter a brief statement here. Please limit to 50 words or less.


Please confirm that all information is correct before submitting.

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