The Working Group and its activities support the seven objectives outlined in the Vaccines section of the Global Plan to Fight TB 2011-2015  (see page 76 and further), which are:

  1. VaccinationTogo.2.NorbertDomy.SanofiPasteur.smallMaintain a robust TB vaccine pipeline by supporting research and discovery.
  2. Conduct research to identify correlates of protection, and preclinical studies to assess new TB vaccine candidates.
  3. Ensure availability of vaccine production capacity by expanding manufacturing facilities for TB vaccines.
  4. Build capacity for large-scale clinical trials (Phases II and III) of TB vaccine candidates at field sites in TB endemic countries.
  5. Conduct Phases I, II and III clinical trials of TB vaccine candidates.
  6. Develop delivery, regulatory and access strategies for new TB vaccines.
  7. Build support for TB vaccine development and uptake through advocacy, communications and resource mobilization.