The Working Group on New TB Vaccines

The Working Group on New TB Vaccines is a one of the seven Working Groups of the Stop TB Partnership. Its purpose is to facilitate the development of new, more effective TB vaccines by promoting collaboration and coordination amongst multiple stakeholders. The Working Group serves as the mechanism of exchange and dialogue between the Stop TB Partnership and the research community, provides a forum to discuss challenges to TB vaccine development and identify solutions, and helps to build consensus on key issues and questions related to TB vaccine research and development.

The Working Group on New TB Vaccines is a network of experts representing stakeholders from academia, government, industry, product developers and affected communities.

The need for new TB vaccines

Safe and effective tuberculosis (TB) vaccines are urgently needed. TB continues to take the lives of around 1.5 million people per year and devastates the lives of millions more. New TB vaccines are an urgent part of a comprehensive plan to control and ultimately eliminate TB. In fact, the global TB targets that were adopted by the World Health Assembly are predicated on the introduction of new, more effective technologies to prevent, diagnose, and treat TB, including new vaccines. Over the past decade, researchers have made significant progress in TB vaccine development, and 15 new TB vaccine candidates and candidate combinations are now being evaluated in clinical trials.